Nafplio - The Perfect Summer Escape from Athens

Nafplio promises everything you need for the perfect summer escape from Athens. In just a couple of hours, you can enjoy walks through the streets of the historic center to dives and endless play in the sandy beaches of the Saronic Gulf. Classical and a favorite choice for all who are looking for a short and enjoyable getaway, the Peloponnese town of Nafplio offers a refreshing break from the big city.


The Best Time to Visit the Ancient Ruins & Museums in the Summertime in Greece

Most people believe that the best time to visit the ancient ruins and museums in the summertime in Greece is early in the morning. Contrary to popular belief, however, no matter how early you go, the ancient ruins and museums are always crowded. So, go against the flow and head in while everyone else is heading out – because the best time to visit the ancient ruins and museums in the summertime in Greece is in the afternoon! 


15 FAQs for first-timers to Greece

Greece is so rich in culture and natural beauty that it should be visited at least once in a lifetime! With thousands of years of history and alluring attractions, it's no exaggeration to say that Greece is a real heaven on earth. If you're planning to visit, here are 15 FAQs for first timers to Greece. This information will provide you with all the necessary information and help prepare for your trip.

Ouzo - The National Drink of Greece

No spirit is more loved by Greeks and foreigners than ouzo - the national drink of Greece! The best companion for any summer get-together is a refreshing ouzaki on the rocks! Never served alone, ouzo is the concentration of Greek life. It draws memories and opens up your appetite for favorite appetizers with its intimate, sweet smell and taste. Ouzo is the aroma of the sea mixed with the seeds of the Greek land which allow us to enjoy the taste of Greece in a glass!

All you need to know before visiting Nafplio

The Peloponnese town of Nafplio is considered one of the best getaways in Greece. Impressive castles, museums with invaluable treasures, historic churches, beautiful neoclassical buildings and paved cobbled paths decorated with bougainvillea bear the grandeur of bygone days of yesteryear. A mystical place, blessed with natural beauties and culture, which for centuries now continues to bloom and fascinate the visitor.  


Plaka - The Oldest Neighborhood in Athens

Plaka is the oldest and most beautiful neighborhood in Athens. Clustered around the slopes of the Acropolis, it incorporates labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture. Plaka is built on top of the residential part of ancient Athens. It is referred to as the "Neighborhood of the Gods" because of its proximity to the Acropolis and many other archaeological sites. Part of the charm, however, are the secrets the oldest neighborhood of Athens hides in each of the paved alleys just waiting to be discovered on your Athens sightseeing tour of Plaka!

The Modern Side of Athens

Athens & Olympia – 2 of the most significant sites in Greece! Witness firsthand the sacred lands of history and ancient civilization. Discover both Athens, the capital of Greece, and Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Planning a First-Time Trip to Athens, Greece - Your Travel Checklist

Athens – the travel hub of Europe is rich in culture and history, filled with spectacular archeological sites, cuisine that is adored around the world, and hospitable people with a smile. The Greek capital is definitely a city you should visit at least once in your lifetime! First-time visitors to Athens are immediately struck by its charm, lively people and color filled streets. Here is some practical information and tips to help you when planning a first-time trip to Athens, Greece. Your Travel Checklist includes everything you need to make your planning easy.

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Athens + the sunset = the perfect match

There’s nothing like the Athens sunset! Intoxicating, in all its divine glory. As the sun descends into the sea, it fills the sky with spectacular and vibrant colors, casting magic across the city. And more than at any other moment of the day, the view from Lycabettus Hill epitomizes its splendor while at Cape Sounion, the sea and the horizon sparkle and time stands still, making Athens + the sunset = the perfect match!