Katakolon – The Idyllic Cruise Port Destination


The small cruise port and seaside town of Katakolon, or Katakolo, offers an excellent opportunity to experience authentic Greek culture and to discover its secrets and rich history. This quiet fishing village is one of the lesser-known areas of Greece, although it can undoubtedly boast of being the land from which the Olympic Games began. It is here that you will discover the ancient site of Olympia, along with a true feel of local life and Greek countryside.


Monemvasia - On the Rock!

The great rock of Monemvasia, known as the "Gibraltar of Greece", is one of the wonders of the Peloponnese. This shorn off mass of limestone sits cantilevered on the southeastern tip of Laconian land, transporting visitors on a dreamlike journey through time and history. Castle walls, narrow cobbled streets, rich merchants' mansions, dozens of churches, low arches, marble imperial thrones, coats of arms, and Byzantine frescoes give the impression of a fantastic town that has been left untouched by time and leaves no visitor unmoved.


Have a Fab Time in Mykonos on a Budget!

Mykonos Island is one of the most famous and most cosmopolitan destinations in Greece. Lying in the heart of the Aegean, yet very close to Athens, Mykonos offers a variety of activities aimed to satisfy your heart's every desire. Although Mykonos is considered one of the more expensive Greek islands, it is actually possible to book a Mykonos tour with The Travel Insiders and have a fab time in Mykonos on a budget with best quality solutions for all.

Insider's Guide to the Legendary Castles of the Peloponnese (Part II)

Travel further south along the western coast to what is known as the "legs" of the Peloponnese to discover castles, fortresses and castle-towns scattered from hills to the most southern shores of the peninsula. Having changed hands from the Franks to the Byzantines to the Venetians and the Ottomans, every castle has distinguishing differences making each visit a unique experience.


Insider's Guide to the Legendary Castles of the Peloponnese (Part I)

The Peloponnese is not only home to numerous monuments and historical - archaeological sites but also legendary castles, fortresses, and castle-towns. Unearth the myths and tales of battles and chivalry spread throughout the Peloponnese. These destinations are perfect for a family holiday all year round. Derived from fairy tales, built by giants and irrigated by thousands of years of history, the legendary castles of the Peloponnese offer mystical journeys and magnificent views.

The Statue of Zeus in Olympia | The First of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The golden ivory statue of Zeus in Olympia was the first, in chronological order, of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, rising to its pedestal in the temple of Zeus in 430 BC. It was fantastic and inspired awe and admiration for every visitor, an indication of the magnificent artwork of Phidias.


Petros the Pelican - The Superstar of Mykonos!

The Greek island of Mykonos has drawn stars from all over the world since the early 1950s. Many have come and gone but Petros the Pelican stayed on to become the superstar of Mykonos! You will see Petros taking a stroll by the windmills, enjoying a seafood meze in Little Venice or posing proudly for the tourist-paparazzi! He declares a permanent resident of the island, though by nature he is a traveler.  

Explore the Thumb of the Peloponnese

The ‘thumb’ of the Peloponnese is filled with small villages by the sea and in the mountains, stunning nature, enticing beaches and coves, and Mycenaean and ancient monuments around every corner. Separating the Gulf of Argolis and the Saronic Gulf, it is one of Greece's richest regions in beauty and history. The Argolis region was the cradle of Mycenaean civilization - the most powerful kingdom in ancient Greece - and the birthplace of legends, heroes and demigods.


Monastiraki - A Walk in the Heart of Athens

Monastiraki is a flea market neighborhood in the old town of Athens near Plaka. The area is a major tourist attraction and one of the principal shopping districts of the city. Monastiraki’s main square, which shares its name, has a large metro station as well as several fast-food joints. Many Byzantine churches and ancient ruins, including the Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library, crowd the area. Visit Monastiraki on your Athens sightseeing tour and enjoy the most beautiful walks, the most interesting sights, the best hangouts and the unknown stories of the most beloved Athenian neighborhood.

Discover the Churches of Greece

Greece is a country with a deep connection to Christianity and its traditions. The country’s churches and monasteries are ideal for religious and sightseeing tours in Greece. Bathed by the Greek sun or by the sea, perched on a mountain top among rocks and dense vegetation, in the town square or hidden in the city alleys, the churches, chapels and shrines in Greece are of unique beauty and a familiar feature of the country’s landscapes. They all have their own unique story and many of them are intertwined with myths and traditions of the place. They are authentic and timeless and many have been declared World Heritage sites.