The Wild Beauty of The Mani

Impressive landscapes of primitive, wild beauty in austere, rugged lines, magnificent waters and mountain escapes, castles, gorges and caves, history and tradition, fine tastes ... What more can you ask for? Mani boasts alternative tourism opportunities and secluded destinations, perfectly combining mountain, sea and sun. This blessed place hides within it the beauty of the whole of Greece.


The Magic of the Greek Islands in Winter

The beaches, the picturesque alleys and the views are just some of the elements that make the Greek Islands a gathering of crowds and travelers each summer. However, their magic is not lost in the winter, with their beauties impressing even those who visit them in the cold days of the season. If you thought Greece was more beautiful in summer, then we invite you to visit the Greek islands in winter and break down the stereotypes yourself. Visit the Greek islands in winter to discover the Christmas customs, to taste the most authentic flavors, to feel the utter serenity, to explore all their secrets, to sense the air from your balcony and hear the crashing of the waves on the seashores!

The Unique Beauty of Greece in Winter

A country famous for its natural beauties, its charming landscapes and the genuine hospitality of its people, Greece offers its visitors countless travel surprises every season of the year. And while the Greek summer has been engraved in everyone's heart as the ultimate experience, winter gives it a different charm. Villages nestled in the majestic mountains, traditional settlements in the shadow of snow-capped peaks, lively cities and modern ski resorts promise to steal a piece from the heart of every traveler. Discover the unique beauty of Greece in winter and fill your heart with unique emotions!


The 5 Must-Visit Sites and Museums in Athens

The immense arts and cultural heritage of Greece have bequeathed upon the modern generations a plethora of treasures exhibited at world-class sites and museums that are well worth visiting.  In fact, Athens is one large outdoor museum in itself. However, Athens is not only limited to archaeology. You can also find other kinds of sites and attractions of world-wide significance that feature its unique identity depending on your interests. Here is a list of the 5 must-visit sites and museums in Athens that you shouldn’t miss on your sightseeing tour of the Greek capital.

A rewarding day trip from Athens to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, renowned for its acoustics, its symmetry and its complete harmony with the natural landscape, has been described as the largest and most beautiful "stone speaker" in the world. Located in the northeast Peloponnese, less than a two-hour drive from Athens, this world-class attraction makes a rewarding day trip. Every summer, lovers of the theater visit the extraordinary open-air amphitheater to enjoy live dance performances, concerts, operas and the incomparable works of great tragic and comic poets.

Meteora - The Columns in the Sky

The imposing cluster of "columns in the sky" has been in Meteora for centuries. In addition to a religious landmark, Meteora is a sign of unparalleled beauty in Greece as well as a global, majestic geological phenomenon. It is no coincidence that Meteora has been characterized the most important monastic state after Mount Athos. Today, it remains at the top of the list of the most popular attractions in the country and one of the top day trips from Athens.


Delphi - The Navel of the Earth

Delphi lies in the lush green slopes of Mount Parnassus in Central Greece. Here, the most important religious center of antiquity flourished, attracting visitors from all over the world. Famous thanks to its renowned oracle, the city of Delphi continues to attract visitors from every corner of the world. Easily accessible from Greece’s capital, Delphi, the ‘navel of the earth’ is one of the top day trips from Athens.


 Katakolon – The Idyllic Cruise Port Destination

The small cruise port and seaside town of Katakolon, or Katakolo, offers an excellent opportunity to experience authentic Greek culture and to discover its secrets and rich history. This quiet fishing village is one of the lesser-known areas of Greece, although it can undoubtedly boast of being the land from which the Olympic Games began. It is here that you will discover the ancient site of Olympia, along with a true feel of local life and Greek countryside.


Monemvasia - On the Rock!

The great rock of Monemvasia, known as the "Gibraltar of Greece", is one of the wonders of the Peloponnese. This shorn off mass of limestone sits cantilevered on the southeastern tip of Laconian land, transporting visitors on a dreamlike journey through time and history. Castle walls, narrow cobbled streets, rich merchants' mansions, dozens of churches, low arches, marble imperial thrones, coats of arms, and Byzantine frescoes give the impression of a fantastic town that has been left untouched by time and leaves no visitor unmoved.


Have a Fab Time in Mykonos on a Budget!

Mykonos Island is one of the most famous and most cosmopolitan destinations in Greece. Lying in the heart of the Aegean, yet very close to Athens, Mykonos offers a variety of activities aimed to satisfy your heart's every desire. Although Mykonos is considered one of the more expensive Greek islands, it is actually possible to book a Mykonos tour with The Travel Insiders and have a fab time in Mykonos on a budget with best quality solutions for all.