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The region of Olympia, in the Peloponnese, is blessed with an archaeological site that takes your breath away, a museum that hosts the finest sculptures of antiquity and the most beautiful beaches in Greece, so deciding what to do in Olympia can be quite overwhelming. Our best Olympia tours and Katakolon shore excursions cover a wide range of activities, from historical sightseeing to kid friendly beach experiences. Choose one of our 10 Best Olympia Tours & Activities and make your visit to one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Greece as pleasant and memorable as possible.


Olympia tours small groups


Best OlympiaTours & Best Olympia Activities - Joined Tours


Experience the best Olympia tours and activities in comfort and at a low cost with The Travel Insiders’ Olympia joined tours.  If you are traveling alone, with your family or friends and would like to discover Olympia and its surroundings, our Katakolon to Olympia joined tours and activities will suit your needs. All our best Olympia tours and activities cater exclusively to small groups and keep maximum participation at a low of 19 persons!

At the archeological site, discover where the Olympic torch is lit, the original Olympic stadium and much more with one of our expert certified tourist guides. This beautiful archaeological park is sure to reward you!

Explore Ancient Olympia and the fruits of its land. Experience the countryside and taste the best of its world-renowned products free of charge. Discover the exceptional Mediterranean olive oil produced in the Peloponnese said to be a gift from the gods. Pamper your palates with the world-renowned products of the Greek land on a free olive oil and wine tasting experience.

Finally, return to the port where you could either board your cruise ship or enjoy some free time at your leisure. Unwind at one of the cafés or enjoy shopping at one of the souvenir shops, the best way to wrap up the best Olympia tours and activities

1. Premium Skip-the-Lines Olympia - Katakolon Joined Tour (5H)
    Price: 63€ p.p., 51€ children <12 years old, free of charge children <3 years old
    Certified English-speaking guide: Included
    Ticket for Archeological Site & Museum: Included

2. Olympia - Katakolon Joined Tour & Free Olive Oil Tasting (5H)
    Price: 43€ p.p., 37€ children <12 years old, free of charge children <3 years old
    Certified English-speaking guide: Included 

3. Olympia - Katakolon Joined Tour – Pure Olympia (4H)
    Price: 43€ p.p., 37€ children <12 years old, free of charge children <3 years old
    Certified English-speaking guide: Included 

4. Olympia - Katakolon Joined Tour with On Board Guidance – Budget Tour (5H)
    Price: 33€ p.p., 29€ children <12 years old, free of charge children <3 years old
    On board guidance: Included


Olympia tours and activities



Best Olympia Tours & Best Olympia Activities - Private Tours


All our best Olympia tours and our best Olympia activities may be adjusted according to your preferences! Our Olympia private tours and our Olympia activities allow you to select the duration of your tour, including pick-up and drop-off points. Our drivers and certified tour guides are locals who will assure you a most memorable journey.

Your preferred best Olympia tours & activities may include a visit to the Olympia Archeological Site and the Museum, the coastal beauties of the region, the golden sand and Blue Flag-awarded beaches, the medieval monuments, the wineries, a local farmhouse or the picturesque villages.

Experience the spirit of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and a monument of the world heritage of UNESCO. At the original Olympic stadium, become a part of ancient Greek history as you run the track, make your own wreaths and crown yourself winner!

Visit Archimedes’ Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Unfold the riddles of the great mathematician, Archimedes, by solving his famous puzzles!

Uncover the secrets of honey making and life on a small farm, both in past and present-day Olympia at a local honey farm. Relish the generous gifts from nature, enjoyed by Greek families in Olympia for thousands of years.

Follow the wine road to a local winery. The owners will guide you through the estate facilities. The full aroma of the cellars will prepare you for the wine tasting, the last but best Olympia activity at the end of this tour!

Enjoy a dip at Agios Andreas beach or prolong your tour by visiting Kourouta Beach. Kourouta Beach offers the perfect combination of golden sand and an amazing view of the Ionian Sea with a strip of endless cafes, tavernas and restaurants.

A free olive oil tasting experience awaits at the local Association of Agriculture. Here, you will have the opportunity to savor the famous Greek olives, the local blends of olive oil and the local wines.

5. Private Olympia Sightseeing #1 rated tour
    Price: from 47€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request

6. Olympia Taxi Tour Experience
    Price: from 43€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request

7. Ancient Olympia & Beach Fun for Kids – Half Day Tour
    Price: from 47€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request

8. Ancient Olympia & Beach Getaway – Half Day Tour
    Price: from 47€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request

9. Olympia & Wine Flavors - Site and Winery - Half Day Tour
    Price: from 45€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request

10. Olympia & Archimedes’ Ancient Technology Museum – Kid friendly tour (4H)
    Price: from 45€
    Local certified tourist guide: Upon request


Olympia tours private


The whole region of Olympia is filled with immense history and beauty. It is truly one of the most fascinating sites in the Peloponnese. Situated in the heart of the Greek countryside, it allures its visitors with its natural grace and serenity. Whether you choose to discover it in a private tour or with a small group, you will, without a doubt, find what you are looking for with The Travel Insiders’ 10 best Olympia tours & activities