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Athens + the sunset = the perfect match

There’s nothing like the Athens sunset! Intoxicating, in all its divine glory. As the sun descends into the sea, it fills the sky with spectacular and vibrant colors, casting magic across the city. And more than at any other moment of the day, the view from Lycabettus Hill epitomizes its splendor while at Cape Sounion, the sea and the horizon sparkle and time stands still, making Athens + the sunset = the perfect match!


The Story Behind the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a famous marathon which is run every April in Boston, Massachusetts, in the USA. The Boston Marathon began on 19 April 1897 and the distance of the race is 26.219 miles. It is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious road racing events. It is held every year to celebrate Patriots Day, a holiday marking the beginning of the American Revolution, linking the Athenian and American spirit and struggle for democracy.

Greece is for coffee lovers

Are you a coffee lover with a desire for travel? Greece is one of the best destinations for coffee enthusiasts and offers something for every coffee aficionado. It is as renowned for its coffee culture as it is for its historic monuments. So, coffee buffs rejoice! You've come to the right place because Greece is for… coffee lovers!

Easter Sunday Feast in Greece

Are you planning to visit Greece during Easter? Then, you’ll be pleased to hear that Easter is a magical time to be in Greece! It is the biggest religious holiday of the year and every corner in Greece celebrates Easter in its own unique way. While each region may have its own local customs, there are several festivities deeply rooted in tradition that are practiced by everyone. These customs and age-old traditions come alive for the largest and richest feasts in Christianity, spring, and life!


Athens sightseeing tours for all tastes and budgets

With endless options of things to do and see, Athens is the best destination for sightseeing! It is a vibrant metropolis and a center for arts, history, and culture. Visit the famous historical sites, explore the hidden gems in the old district of Plaka or relax at one of the city’s many coffee shops. Feel the heart of old and modern Athens, mingle with the locals and let the city vibe take over! More than just a relic of its glorious past, the city has something for every kind of traveler and is bustling with curious visitors all year round.

Souvenirs from Greece with love

Greece is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and is home to numerous historical monuments and sites, incredible architecture, sun-kissed beaches, and a paradise for distinctly unique souvenirs. The things to buy in Greece are endless and may differ from region to region. Whether it’s a work of art for the lovers of handmade goods or something edible for the food connoisseurs, Greece has it all.

Family fun shore excursions in Greece

Wondering whether the whole family will enjoy a cruise vacation to Greece? The answer is - absolutely! Surrounded by sea and counting thousands of islands, Greece offers you the opportunity to visit several different places over a short period of time with fun and enrichening shore excursions for your family to enjoy at each port of call. Sea, sun and family fun shore excursions make Greece the ideal family cruise destination!


Which are the Most Popular Family-Friendly Destinations for Cruisers in Greece?

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Greek Christmas
Kalanta Greek Christmas Carols
Karavi for Greek Christmas
Christmas roast lamb
Greek customs Christmas bread
Kourabiedes Christmas sweets
Christmas activities
Christmas activities in the city
Christmas Christmas tree

The best time to visit Greece in winter is Christmas. Christmas trees, shiny ornaments and bright lights decorate the streets and joyful melodious bells and children’s carols echo through the cities and villages. The season’s festivities and customs are centered around friends, family and food and are filled with joy. Wherever you go, people are welcoming, open and friendly and greet you with “Chronia Polla” (many years) or “Kala Christougenna” (Merry Christmas). Now add a dash of Greek hospitality to your Christmas holidays and you’ve got all the ingredients for the most unforgettable winter vacation ever! Because nothing says Christmas like Greek hospitality!