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Has the countdown to your Mediterranean cruise already started and you’re having a tough time deciding which shore excursion to join? Take advantage of our special August offer with our Multi-Port Tours Package and experience the highlights of each destination at a most competitive price!

  • Olympia/ Katakolon
  • Athens/ Piraeus
  • Santorini



Olympia Private Shore Excursions   

Olympia Sightseeing is our #1 rated tour that brings you the best of Ancient Olympia. This program includes a visit to the archeological site and its exceptional museum. It is ideal for those who wish to explore all the highlights of Olympia itself and its surroundings; flexible enough to fit in all your desired additional activities and destinations. Bring this tour to your measures by choosing among the local beaches, monasteries, wineries and olive groves. 


Athens Private Shore Excursions   

If you haven't visited Athens in your previous journeys in Greece, then this is a priority! Spend some time at the Parthenon and the surrounding monuments as your guide unfolds the secrets of the ancient Greek architecture. Uncover the birthplace of democracy, the sciences and drama, the home of Socrates and Plato, the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. The city of Goddess Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, attracts millions of visitors from around the globe.


Santorini Private Shore Excursions

Santorini is an incredible island that requires no introduction. Its astonishing landscapes, dazzling white houses, narrow streets and breath-taking sunsets amaze the visitor. It offers stunning views from villages hanging off the 1000-foot cliff, the volcano with the hot springs, the striking beaches and a famous wine tradition that goes back to the ancient years. Choose this Greek island for your private shore excursion, have the best holidays of your life and leave the rest to us!



Save valuable vacation time and money with our special offer for multi-port tours package. Trust us, The Travel Insiders, as we know best and join us on this best price multi-port tours in Greece package!