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Ah, the Greek islands! Who doesn’t dream of visiting them? Scattered around the Aegean and the Ionian seas like rough gems, each island is more beautiful than the next! It might be tough to pick just one Greek Island tour, but you don’t have to! Find the Cyclades or the Ionian island tours that match your dreams on Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Corfu and Kefalonia.



The Greek Islands | The Cyclades Island Tours


Named after the circle they form around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades can’t be beaten. Sugar-cube-architecture villages, winding cobblestone alleys and trellis-covered tavernas define the Cyclades as a whole, but subtle quirks make each island distinct. Uncover how the red and black sands coat the shoreline of Santorini, celebrated Mykonos holds some of the best beaches on earth and distinguished archeological sites testify to the mythical and historical legends surrounding Delos on these Greek Island tours.



The Cyclades - Santorini Island Tours


Whitewashed cave-houses balanced on plunging cliffs, scorching red and black sand beaches, and sharply stratified geological rock formations make Santorini’s landscape nearly as dramatic as the volcanic cataclysm that created it. This eruptive past has led some to believe that Santorini is the lost continent of Atlantis. Visit the 3600-year-old preserved Akrotiri excavations, the Red Beach, Oia  and all the splendors of Santorini  and unfold the mystifying past of the most visited island of the Cyclades. You may also discover the stark beauty of the Greek Island on our Santorini Island tours that cover all the highlights of Santorini – the black pearl of the Aegean! Not only is Santorini one of the most recognizable destinations around the world, but Instagram is saturated with no-filter shots of its photogenic and dramatic coastline. Atop just about everyone’s travel bucket list, our Santorini bucket list tour - breathtaking Oia will make you fall in love with the island forever. Also, a flourishing wine tourism destination, Santorini is home to some of the oldest cultivated vines in the world. Uncork the flavors of Santorini and say cheers to all your 5 senses!  Embark on this Santorini 5 Senses Wine Tour - 3 Awarded Wineries designed to reveal the secrets of Santorini’s selected wineries and the beauties of Oia. A feast of tastes and flavors in a celebration of the senses that only Santorini can offer its visitors!




The Cyclades - Mykonos Island Tours


Mykonos has come a long way since ancient times when it was a mere stopping point on the way to sacred Delos, which stands next to Mykonos! The light of Mykonos & a guided tour of Delos Islet is still a MUST DO! Avoiding the crowds, visit the giant, island-wide museum - the birthplace of God Apollo, the God of light. The brightest spot in all the Mediterranean, literally! Mykonos is now one of the most heavily trafficked and lusted-after tourist destinations in Greece. Mykonos Island tour & beach hopping with a private RIB  beckons beach hedonists of every age! Stroll through the winding alleys of the most renowned tourist destination in the country to discover the highlights of Mykonos Town, Little Venice and the windmills. Despite the massive influx of visitors, historical churches, traditional fishing boats, basket-laden donkeys and friendly pelicans take center stage.




The Greek Islands | The Ionian Islands


Just west of mainland Greece, the Ionian Islands entice travelers with their lush, green vegetation that rolls gently to the edge of the shimmering turquoise waters. The unusual architecture and colors in the villages hint at different history than much of the rest of Greece – these islands were not conquered by Ottomans, but instead bear the marks of Venetian, British, French and Russian occupants. Each of these civilizations has left its own cultural footprint. Today the Ionian islands are a favorite among Western Europeans and adventurous travelers seeking the unconventional. Multicultural for millennia, each of the Ionian Islands maintains a unique identity while sharing an unparallel beauty.




The Ionian Islands - Corfu Island Tours


Homer first praised Corfu by writing of its “honeyed fig,” “unctuous olive,” “boisterous waves,” and friendly inhabitants, who helped Odysseus in desperate time of need. From the Franks to the Venetians to the British to today’s tourist masses, Corfu Island tours captivate all who come to its shores. There’s a reason why this place continues to be desired by so many: from archeology to debauchery, Corfu has it all.  Corfu’s natural and manmade treasures justify the Homeric fuss even today. Encouraging you to get lost in the most positive sense, The Highlights of Corfu - the Greek Venice, unapologetically Italian in feel, teems with delicious distractions. Laundry lines tied to ornate iron balconies, fragrant yellow roses, Venetian buildings and green-shuttered alleyways exhibit the genuine flavors that make this town a lively center of Mediterranean culture.




The Ionian Islands - Kefalonia Island Tours


Massive mountains, subterranean lakes and rivers, caves, dense forests and more than 250km of coastline make Kefalonia Island tours a nature-lover’s dream.  It is the larger of the Ionian Islands. Uncover villages on lush hillsides, pebble beaches framed magnificently by austere cliffs and rocky hills that welcome brilliant sunsets. The capital of and by far the largest town on Kefalonia, Argostoli is a lively city with yellow and orange buildings that dot the hills. The diversity of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, will amaze you. On this The Highlights of Kefalonia – Argostoli & Melissani Lake tour, you will explore the natural beauty of the Ionian island and its renowned beaches and bays ideal for swimming and sailing.




With more than 200 Greek Islands to choose from, deciding on the Cyclades or the Ionian Island tours may be tricky.  Pick the Cyclades or the Ionian island tours that best fulfil your desires or, better yet, visit them all - Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Corfu and Kefalonia!