• Nafplio - The Perfect Summer Escape from Athens

Nafplio promises everything you need for the perfect summer escape from Athens. In just a couple of hours, you can enjoy walks through the streets of the historic center to dives and endless play in the sandy beaches of the Saronic Gulf. Classical and a favorite choice for all who are looking for a short and enjoyable getaway, the Peloponnese town of Nafplio offers a refreshing break from the big city.


Refreshing Summer Strolls


There are many good reasons for escaping to the beautiful town of Nafplio in summer and strolling through its narrow alleys is definitely one of them. Getting lost in its maze of neoclassical buildings, impressive mansions and hidden squares is exhilarating. With its characteristic cobblestone streets and elegant Venetian houses, delineated by bougainvilleas, there is no doubt that Nafplio is a combination of beautiful colors thanks to its well-preserved historical center.

What better way to start the day than a refreshing morning walk along the sea while gazing at the water castle of Bourtzi or climbing up 999 stairs to the fortress of Palamidi to witness the striking views from above. The shores of Bouboulina and Miaouli offer many great options for coffee with wonderful views, while the central pedestrian street of King Constantine leads to Syntagma Square, the city's reference point.


A Taste of Summer


Nothing says summer like a scoop of cold, refreshing ice cream! Nafplio is famous for its ‘true Italian’ ice-cream, and the paved streets of the Old Town are full of "gelaterias", awarded for their rich taste and fine quality. Have a seat at one of the traditional coffee houses or trendy outdoor cafés and enjoy not only some of the finest coffee but also sweet pastries, savory crêpes or mouth-watering waffles.

Nafplio is a dream foodie destination. Like most of the areas in Greece, Nafplio offers picturesque tavernas and excellent restaurants to enjoy classic Greek gastronomy or innovative Mediterranean dishes. Whether you are in the Old Town or looking for adventure in the new one, you are sure to experience some of the greatest culinary treats ever!

When you sit down for a meal in Nafplio, don’t be surprised if your waiter presents you with a glass of ouzo before your meal. Ouzo, the before meal drink prepares the stomach for food and the palate for the delicious tastes it is about to enjoy. Karonis ouzo, tsipouro, and liqueurs are some of the aperitifs you will find in every corner of Nafplio, from the charming souvenir shops to the gourmet restaurants and picturesque tavernas by the sea. The Karonis Distillery Exhibition and Shop, established in 1869, is one of the oldest in Greece.


See you at the Beach!


Nafplio has everything for the perfect summer escape from Athens. It has a wide variety of beaches and isolated bays. Take a stroll along the coastal road and you will meet Arvanitia, Neraki and Karathonas - a long sandy beach.

Arvanitia Beach is essentially an extension of the town. It has its own distinct character and is shaded by the Palamidi rock most hours of the day. Arvanitia offers all the necessary facilities; lounge chairs, umbrellas, and coffee!

Neraki Beach is located on a dirt road between Arvanitia and Karathonas. Access to this beach is only on foot. A 15-minute walk after the entrance of Arvanitia Beach will bring you to this lovely beach with coves.

Karathonas Beach is the largest and most popular beach near the town of Nafplio. It is ideal for families with children as the sea is very shallow. It is well organized with beach bars and tavernas, recreational water activities such as canoes and water bikes, and lifeguards from 10.30 to 17.30. 


Explore Nearby Destinations


It’s convenient location in the Saronic Gulf makes Nafplio an ideal base for visiting many archaeological sites in the Peloponnese. The theater of Epidaurus and the ancient cities of Corinth, Mycenae and Tyrins are all very close to Nafplio.

At 8 km from the city, you will also find the archaeological site of Ancient Tirintha, while further along there is the ancient theater of Epidauros (which during the summer hosts the famous Festival), as well as the Old Epidauros with the small ancient theater of Dionysos (which also hosts the Festival).


The Peloponnese town of Nafplio, the first capital of the modern Greek state, boasts stunning Venetian charm, culinary treasures and beautiful beaches, making it the perfect summer escape from Athens.


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