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As 2020 slowly closes to an end, many may wish to leave behind all the bad memories and embrace with excitement their return to the so-called normality.

Unquestionably, the past year was challenging with abrupt changes in everyone’s conveniences along with what was believed as normal.

However, the travel industry and we, The Travel insiders managed to cope with the new reality and the travel protocols that came with the novel coronavirus.

In addition, there were more and more people saying, “we don’t want to get back to normality” and for some, a beautiful thing happened. 

 The thought that these difficult moments may be a big opportunity for a change, an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Slow travel, came as a pleasant surprise.


The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance  - Nathaniel Branden



Slow travel is not a new term in the travel industry. It was first launched in the 1980’s as a cultural revolution against the belief that faster is always better. People started to feel the need to slow down, to pause the to-do list and postpone the deadlines.

Slow Travel is all about the journey. It is about trying to soak up every single moment and drive back to your roots.

It was believed however, that it was a trend for the few and more privileged as ample time and money would be required.

Since then, many things changed. The covid-19 era taught people that it is not necessary to spend neither an exuberant amount of money nor ample time to enjoy authentic experiences while on vacation.

For us, here at The Travel Insiders, Slow Travel means to cater for the needs and preferences of our guests. Through our Tailor-Made Tours, we love to introduce to them what Greece is most famous for; the hospitality. It is the authentic hospitality that makes our country one of the top Slow Travel destinations in the world.