On the southside of Greece, where the peninsula of the Peloponnese lies, you will find Gythion, the most important port in Laconia. Nowadays it is a touristic port, however, in ancient times it was the stronghold of King Menelaos and his beautiful wife Helen of Troy.

 Through the wild landscape of olive groves and beyond the bare and rocky terrain are the majestic Diros Caves.

Drive through Mani, one of the most mountainous areas of Greece and the place which was never conquered by the Ottoman Turks. It is renowned for its imposing medieval family fortresses and close to the ruins of the Byzantine castle town of Mystras.

Don’t miss visiting the city of Sparta even though little remains from the ancient city; the spirit and the bravery of the ancient Spartan warriors, however, are still alive today. In the most central spot of Sparta is the over life-size statue of General Leonidas, reminding us of the 300!