• A Three-Day Excursion In Ioannina – Zagorochoria 21-22-23 / 02
  • Rainy Giannina
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The idea to visit this city during the period of Lent Monday, as it evolved, was fantastic! The atmosphere in the city as well as the incomparable beauty of Pindos, turned our trip into a unique experience.

The custom of Jamal, as locals call the fires lit in every neighborhood on the eve of Lent Monday to exorcise evil, kicked off our mood.

Our getaway in Zagoria and particularly Monodendri – a village where man and nature become one, was quite special indeed. Visiting the Vikos Gorge was a revelation.

In all this, of course, we have to emphasize that nothing would be possible without the support and positive thinking of our friends.

Thank you from the heart and we are committed to the best, like real Travel Insiders.