• The Unique Beauty of Greece in Winter

A country famous for its natural beauties, its charming landscapes and the genuine hospitality of its people, Greece offers its visitors countless travel surprises every season of the year. And while the Greek summer has been engraved in everyone's heart as the ultimate experience, winter gives it a different charm. Villages nestled in the majestic mountains, traditional settlements in the shadow of snow-capped peaks, lively cities and modern ski resorts promise to steal a piece from the heart of every traveler. Discover the unique beauty of Greece in winter and fill your heart with unique emotions!


The Vibrant Pace of Athens in Winter


If the idea of wearing a light coat while enjoying a hot drink at an outdoor café in a European metropolis seems tempting, then visit Athens in the winter. Generally, temperatures are cool but there is sunshine on most days. Fashionable shops and illuminated streets fascinate passers-by, while Greek Christmas traditions are prevalent everywhere. Vendors sitting next to portable brazier roasting chestnuts are a common sight on central street corners. The tantalizing aroma drifts in the air, inviting you to stop for a delightful street-food winter snack. Travelers who choose to visit Athens in winter should take the time to visit the many archaeological sites and museums, art galleries, sophisticated restaurants and trendy cafés. Art exhibitions, lyrical and dramatic performances, and the market at its best, complement the image of Athens in its vibrant winter pace.


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The Ideal Getaway to Cape Sounion in Winter


Just 45 minutes from the center of Athens towards the southern part of Attica is Cape Sounion. If you haven't visited the Temple of Poseidon yet, don't delay. Cape Sounion in winter is the ideal getaway where you can enjoy the route, the view of the archaeological site and finally the hot coffee you will have at the café overlooking the sea as the sun sets into the horizon.


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The Romantic Town of Nafplio in Winter


For the romantics, the ideal time to visit Nafplio is winter. The dreamy winter setting in the Old Town of Nafplio makes the city so attractive for winter getaways. Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in tavernas with fireplaces, hot chocolate in quaint cafés, romantic strolls in Akronafplia and great walks in the old town of Nafplio. Located in the eastern Peloponnese, the city is an ideal base for tours and excursions in the surrounding area, such as Ancient Mycenae, Epidaurus, and the Corinth Canal.


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The Mythical Sanctuary of Delphi in Winter


At the foot of Mount Parnassus, surrounded by nature at its best, Delphi, the most famous archaeological site of Greece after the Acropolis of Athens has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors arrive in Delphi in winter from the most incredible places in the world, to find the place where thousands of years ago the most famous oracle in ancient Greece, Pythia, prophesied the future and fate of people. But this mythical sanctuary does not just offer a journey of time and history to those who decide to visit it. Well-known, picturesque and cosmopolitan, Arachova draws the winter lights in its scenic straits. The image of the smoke from the fireplaces emerging from the wooden chalets on the snowy slopes of Parnassos reminds one of something of a fairy tale.


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The Grandeur of Meteora in Winter


Impressive Meteora is a marvel of nature that is definitely worth a visit! It consists of immense, dark-colored rocks, some of which host monasteries on their peaks. These monasteries built by hermits in the 11th century have been designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition to the awe-inspiring Meteora spectacle, the area is well-known for its activities. The most popular of course is climbing! While many visit the area in the summer, the heat and the crowds can diminish the experience. Visiting Meteora in winter, however, highlights the true grandeur of the place.


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The Stunning Natural Beauty of Kalavryta in Winter


The hospitable town of Kalavryta is worth a visit all year round. Kalavryta in winter boasts stunning natural beauty, vibrant traditional elements and the atmosphere of a modern, evolving tourist destination. Stroll down the main pedestrian street of the city with dozens of souvenir shops, traditional cafés and restaurants and indulge in the distinctive atmosphere of the settlement. Kalavryta is the base for both nature walks around the area and for a trip to one of the largest ski resorts in Greece. In winter, many spend their day at the ski resort just 14 km away. The route up there is particularly impressive as it passes through the fir forest, which is even more beautiful when it is snowy.


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The Uncluttered Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Olympia in Winter


One of the most important archaeological sites in the world, which attracts hundreds of visitors year-round, is Ancient Olympia. Located in the Western Peloponnese, in the so-called valley of the gods, the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the most important sporting events, the Olympic Games, flourished. Visitors to Ancient Olympia in winter can tour the uncluttered archaeological site and marvel at the Sanctuary of Zeus, which once hosted one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Hera, the ancient stadium and the impressive archaic buildings.

Visit the Museum of Olympia and admire the most important ancient exhibits: Hermes of Praxiteles, one of the most famous ancient statues; Niki of Paionios, one of the masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture; and the Pediments of the Temple of Zeus, one of the finest collections of ancient Greek art which has been preserved.


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The Mild Temperatures of Kalamata in Winter


The mild temperatures of Kalamata in winter make the capital of Messinia an ideal city break. Here you will stroll amongst the colorful neoclassical homes of the old city, enjoy the views from the Castle, excite the little ones at the Railway Park, taste amazing cuisine and be fascinated by your tour of Ancient Messene, the most impressive archaeological site you've ever seen.


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The Beauties of Gythion in Winter


One of the most beautiful cities in the south of the Peloponnese, the historic settlement of Gythion, is built amphitheatrically on the eastern foot of Mount Larysio. Its picturesque harbor with neoclassical houses and narrow uphill alleys is filled with people, while the city's tranquil pace attracts travelers who want to discover the beauties of Gythion in winter. Enjoy city walks and a hot coffee or Greek food in one of the dozens of shops by the sea. The city is the ideal base for tours and excursions in the surrounding area, such as Sparta, Mystra Castle Town, Mani and the Caves of Diros.


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The Wild Charm of Monemvasia in Winter


Monemvasia in winter is wild. One of the most romantic destinations in Greece, the charming "Gibraltar of the East" enchants its visitors with its Byzantine castle town. In winter, free from the hordes of tourists, with the furious Myrtoan Sea surrounding it, Monemvasia is even more charming. Time stops at the cobbled streets of the medieval castle, where the bells of the Byzantine churches sound, making you think knights and turrets will appear in front of you. Imposing walls protect its unparalleled beauty, old mansions proudly overlook the deep blue of the sea, narrow cobbled streets lead to historic churches, and a romantic atmosphere floods over you from the first moment you enter the famous castle. Choose a tavern or café with a fireplace and enjoy the view of the wild waves.


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If you think Greece is more beautiful in the summer, then we invite you to visit the country during the winter months and break down the stereotypes. Experience the unique beauty of Greece in winter, get to know it by planning your winter holidays with The Travel Insiders and experience a destination that will fascinate you. Because Greece is beautiful in winter too!!