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Sea, sun, fun, great legends and fantastic food make happy family vacations! Olympia is the perfect holiday destination for families with kids as it is both educational and fun. The famous Greek myths, the heart-warming hospitality, the crystal-clear sea, the endless sandy beaches and the mouth-watering food are just a few reasons why Olympia is the best vacation for kids.


1. Children love Greek myths


Just about every kid has either read or at least heard of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians adventure and mythological fiction books! Well, here in Olympia the young ones can make their myth come alive as they run the Olympic track where Hercules first participated and even make their own olive wreaths and challenge each other for the crown!


2. The locals love children


Traveling with children is your passport to excellent service and affection, if they can withstand their cheeks being pinched by everyone they meet! Greek people love children and are always offering them some kind of yummy treat.


3. Safe, clean beaches


The clear, shallow water and sandy beaches are perfect for children. The beaches near Olympia are ideal for families since the waters are crystal clear and thus have been awarded the Blue Flag, a voluntary Eco-label given to clean beaches that are also safe.


4. Greek fast food, but not junk food


Last but not least, kids absolutely love Greek souvlaki! Souvlaki wraps may be fast, but they are definitely not junk. Let’s not forget the Greek salads - straight from the garden, and the fruit - straight from the tree. And after all this healthy food, all you can eat ice-cream!


Olympia is the best vacation for kids! Book a fun-filled Ancient Olympia & Beach Fun for Kids tour, ideal for families with children and enjoy all the ingredients which make learning fun!