• The Magic of the Greek Islands in Winter

The beaches, the picturesque alleys and the views are just some of the elements that make the Greek Islands a gathering of crowds and travelers each summer. However, their magic is not lost in the winter, with their beauties impressing even those who visit them in the cold days of the season. If you thought Greece was more beautiful in summer, then we invite you to visit the Greek islands in winter and break down the stereotypes yourself. Visit the Greek islands in winter to discover the Christmas customs, to taste the most authentic flavors, to feel the utter serenity, to explore all their secrets, to sense the air from your balcony and hear the crashing of the waves on the seashores!

Cosmopolitan Corfu in Winter



Cosmopolitan Corfu in winter becomes even more imposing and intense! Counting more than 100,000 residents, life is vibrant all year long, with magnificent corners waiting to be discovered. In winter we can talk about the "other" side of Corfu's charm, one that fascinates you as you stroll through the alleys of the old town or sit by the fireplace in a traditional taverna gazing at the rainy Ionian Sea. Corfu in winter guarantees an ideal 'city break' and the beautiful scenery attests to it.

Corfu stands out for its Italian refinement and its cosmopolitan, Venetian character, which impresses even in winter. The world-famous green island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and attracts visitors because of its rich nature and wonderful attractions. Its picturesque alleys add an even greater glamor to the island. The big city square, Spianada, the old and new fortress, the Achilleion Palace, the town hall, the cannon, as well as the museums of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History, are just some of the attractions that are of interest. Pontikonissi and Paleokastritsa also deserve your attention even during your winter visit. Its hospitable locals are always ready to offer their unique company to any visitor who wants to visit the island during the cold winter months. The shops remain open, while during the festivities and especially at Christmas the island acquires a special magic. The island is packed with tourists in the summer and is considered one of the most ideal destinations in the winter.


Visit Corfu in Winter 


Hospitable Kefalonia in Winter


Many think of Kefalonia as a summer-only destination. However, like most Greek islands, it is still ‘open’ from May to October. Kefalonia in winter guarantees to offer you a comfortable and pleasant visit. Especially in its capital, Argostoli, the traffic remains lively, as many shops and markets operate there. Although it is sometimes rainy on winter days, sunny days where you can stroll around the sights are never missing. Often the days are pleasantly warm with clear blue skies, making it ideal for walking along the seafront promenades and harbors without having to navigate through the crowds. If you visit Kefalonia for its incredible natural wonders and wildlife, there is perhaps a no better time to go. There are no clouds and you’ll have the hiking and biking trails to yourself.

In the gray winters of Kefalonia, everything is slower making it is a good opportunity to explore the second largest island of the Ionian. Meet the locals on the island and spend your days in the city's central cafés playing backgammon with an ouzo, or two! A tourist in the heart of winter is a divine gift to the locals and takes them out of their daily monotony.

In winter you learn everything about the island. The best locations, must-visit restaurants, and the best fishermen to buy fish. The gastronomy of the island and the freshness of its fish in winter will take you on a gastronomic journey you may not have imagined. The few open restaurants will serve you fresh fish, their best cheeses and meats from the island's livestock farms. Locals will cook regional recipes with love and care for you to experience true hospitality and not only! On the whole, things are much quieter and fortunately prices are much cheaper.


Visit Kefalonia in Winter


Romantic Mykonos in Winter


There are people who love Mykonos in winter when its cosmopolitan people turn their attention elsewhere. The island of the winds is home to dozens of beauties that can be enjoyed undisturbed at this time of year. Mykonos cools off while decibels fall, revealing its true image. The alleys of Chora can become more desolate while remaining graphic and romantic. The blue of the sky miraculously blends in with the deserted beaches, while the island's faithful choose to stroll down the hills, using paths specially selected for this form of winter tourism on a mostly summer island. In wintertime, you can relax with a coffee or discover the local food at prices that will surely be reduced compared to the hot summer season. Tourists are always there but far fewer and more eager to get to know the authentic face of the place and the traditional island lifestyle. 

However, on the weekends you will see many Athenian visitors in Mykonos, so the island still "entertains" in its cafés and bars. There are also several taverns and restaurants that remain open between November and March. Mykonos in winter highlights its natural beauty and offers guests a relaxing stay. Discover it outside the summer and you will be amazed by its tradition and beauty.


Visit Mykonos in Winter


Serene Santorini in Winter


Ambassador of Greek tourism, Santorini is well known around the world. Crowds of tourists flock to the iconic island every year to admire the Caldera and the volcano, as well as to take selfies with the backdrop of the famed sunset. The images of Fira and Oia with the distinctive shades of blue and white are in the minds of foreigners intertwined with Greece - perhaps as much as the Acropolis in Athens.

For Santorini, however, the tourist season is not strictly limited to the summer months. Things are quite different in terms of at least the most touristy spots on Santorini in winter. Some shops and a few hotels in tourist areas remain open to the expectation of a few foreigners and locals alike. Hotels, restaurants, cafés are much cheaper than in summer, so having the caldera on your feet won't cost a fortune.

Santorini in winter revitalizes the season’s colors. The mild temperatures stimulate one’s desire for exploration. Winter in Santorini is all about splendid walks, uncramped sites and museums and serene local island life. The changing light conditions and moody skyscapes make walking a remarkable activity.  Whatever you wish to do in Santorini in winter will be quite comfortable as there are not many tourists on the island as in the overcrowded summer.


Visit Santorini in Winter



Greece is known worldwide for its vibrant islands each summer and offers unique moments to tourists under the hot sun with waves providing the necessary coolness. And yet we are still fans of the Greek Islands in winter. In winter there are those that offer tranquility, warmth and boundless beauty and can perhaps be compared to well-known winter destinations. The Greek islands in winter are magical!

Enjoy them!