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We are dedicated in sharing exclusive insights with our guests while providing transportation in comfort and luxury. Our family owned travel agency was founded in 2013 and is seated in Katakolon, Peloponnese. However, through the network of associates we have developed, we run tours, activities and transfers all around Greece; Athens, Olympia the Mainland, and the Greek islands.



All vehicles are brand-new, fully a/c, meeting the exacting European standards (Euro 5 & 6, air - conditioning), and the drivers are English speaking, non-smoking and highly experienced, while prices remain affordable.


We can provide transportation by:

 taxi – up to 4 persons

minivan – up to 8 persons

mini bus - up to 20 persons

coach - up to 50 persons

chauffeured private car


Certified tourist guides

According to the Greek Law, only certified tourist guides by the Greek Ministry of Tourism are authorized to conduct tours within the archeological sites and museums in Greece.

They can be recognized by the badge they have to wear when on duty.

Even though it is an optional service, it is highly recommended to get the most out of your visit while in an ancient site or museum. Our team has created a network of Certified tourist guides all around the Greek Mainland, Athens and the Greek Islands. D not hesitate to contact us, should you need to add guiding services in your tours and activities.

Local tour directors

In case our guests don’t wish to include the services of a certified tourist guide in their tour, we’ve got them covered. We have created hand-picked tours that always offer the opportunity to interact with the locals and have an insight of the area.


Create your own Experience in Greece

As experienced travelers, we believe the best way to discover Greece is to experience it from the inside. Greece, despite its size, is a country which apart from its renowned history offers such diversity and unique experiences.

Choose between the TOURS offered or customize your own itinerary and bring Greece to your measures with made-to-fit designer tours or our PRIVATE TRAVEL PLANNING.

The motto of the company is...

Trust us to share our passion with you as we know best.


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