The sanctuary of Delphi (deriving from the Greek word "Delphis", meaning womb), where the oracle of Apollo spoke, lies in the heart of the Greek mainland. In just a two-hour drive, you can visit one of the most exciting Ancient Greek sites, Delphi. Blending harmoniously with the breathtaking landscape and charged with sacred meaning, Delphi, since the 9th century BC, was considered one of the most famous and most prestigious religious centers, and not only. It was a metaphysical, political, commercial and great artistic center; justifiably characterized as the “navel of the world” (“omphalos”). Nowadays, one may visit not only the site, which is one of the Monuments of the World Heritage of UNESCO, but also the nearby archaeological museum. The exhibition is breathtaking, as all the artifacts are original. Moreover, it is the home of one of the few life-sized bronze statues; the Charioteer. 

Don't miss visiting the picturesque village of Arachova. It is used by the Athenians as their winter escape thanks to the nearby sky center of Parnassos. Tasting the water of the Kastallian fountain, which is close to the site, is also a unique experience. The tradition has it that once you try the water you will be blessed for ever!