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Do you dream of escaping into a paradise of unspoiled beaches and dazzling warm blue waters? Then, your ultimate Olympia and summer beach escape awaits to quench your every desire! Crystalline waters may be found not only on the Greek Islands but also on the Mainland, all along the dreamy coastline of the Olympia region. After your brush with Olympia’s fascinating past, let your private tour travel you through the pine and olive groves, down to the stunning beaches of the Western Peloponnese.

Private Olympia Sightseeing #1 rated tour

Our top-rated private Olympia tour brings you the very best of Ancient Olympia with a visit to the archeological site and museum. Our Private Olympia Sightseeing #1 rated tour is perfect for those who would like to visit Olympia but who are interested in discovering other destinations as well. One of your choices includes prolonging this Olympia tour by adding Agios Andreas Beach to your itinerary. It is the idyllic spot to cool-off by taking a revitalising dip in the Ionian Sea or relaxing over a snack and a refreshing drink.


Olympia Taxi Tour Experience

Our private Olympia Taxi Tour Experience will take you where you want to go in comfort, completely hassle-free. As tours usually last anywhere between 5 to 7 hours, your program is flexible, offering you the possibility of experiencing the spirit of Ancient Olympia and choosing among other attractions. Discover Agios Andreas, Skafidia and Kourouta, considered to be the best beaches near Olympia. All offer the perfect combination of endless blue and an amazing view of the Ionian Sea.


Ancient Olympia & Beach Fun for Kids (half day)

Ancient Olympia & Beach Fun for Kids is a fun-filled private tour, ideal for families with children, which starts from Katakolon Port. This Katakolon shore excursion will take you to the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a monument of the world heritage of UNESCO. You will be able to explore the archeological site of Ancient Olympia before making a stop for a dip in the Ionian Sea at Agios Andreas or Skafidia beach. Your kids will love the deep blue energising waters of the Ionian and family-friendly atmosphere.


Ancient Olympia & Beach Getaway (half day)

The Ancient Olympia & Beach Getaway is your ultimate Olympia and summer beach escape! First visit the archeological site and the museum of Ancient Olympia with one of our local certified tourist guides or, if you prefer, on your own. Then, Agios Andreas beach, where the sunken city of Ancient Pheia still lies in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, promises absolute pleasure. Extend your tour by visiting Kourouta Beach, an endless golden strip of sand with many cafes, tavernas and restaurants to choose from.


The Kourouta Beach Experience – Beach Getaway (half day)

Been to Ancient Olympia already and would just like to take in the Greek sun? The Kourouta Beach Experience – Beach Getaway will take you on a journey through the lush green valleys to the dreamy seaside village of Kourouta.  Kourouta Beach is preferred by families with children because its waters are shallow and it carries the distinction of a blue flag, a voluntary Eco-label given to beaches that are clean and safe. Have lunch at one of the Greek tavernas, popular with the friendly locals, or simply quench your thirst with an ice-cold fruit cocktail at one of the trendy cafes.


The Ionian that laps at the endless coastline, the bright Greek sun, the world-famous ruins and the hospitable locals -  The Travel Insiders have all the ingredients which make up your ultimate Olympia and summer beach escape! Choose among the best Olympia tours and activities for your next summer vacation and live your own unique summer beach experience!