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The Acropolis Museum, in accordance with your Insider’s Guide to All the Best in Athens, is the best museum in Athens! On your next Athens tour, discover firsthand why this imposing architectural wonder has won numerous world travel awards as Europe’s leading tourist attraction. The Acropolis museum hosts significant artifacts found on the Sacred Rock and its slopes.

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If you’re next Mediterranean cruise includes a stop at Katakolon Port, then lucky you!  And are you wondering how to get to Ancient Olympia from Katakolon Port? Easy! The Travel Insiders’ Katakolon to Olympia tours will take you there quickly, safely and above of all - hassle-free!

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The best attraction in Athens – The Acropolis - is a common sight around the world. Climbing the steps up to the Propylaia, you will be awed by the immense structures arrayed on the plateau. The ruins of the Parthenon tower over the Aegean, featuring a panoramic view of the city. Although a visit to the Acropolis when on an Athens tour may seem rigour, especially for cruisers spending only a few hours in the city, it really is the best attraction in Athens to help you gain understanding of the grandeur of ancient Greek civilization.

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Antique intertwines with modern in the historical capital of Europe. Past meets present to create the two faces of Athens that await to be experienced in the carefully designed Athens tours by The Travel Insiders. Attractive to both history buffs and modern culture seekers, this happening metropolis is overflowing with things to see and do. Your Insider’s Guide to All the Best in Athens will help you pick your preferred Athens tour so that you may experience the best of both worlds.


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Temperatures in Greece’s capital in summer are known to get quite high. So, if you happen to find yourself in the city, beat the heat on an Athens to Cape Sounion & Athenian Riviera beach escape! Located within a heartbeat from Athens, you will find the Temple of Poseidon perched above the beach on the headland that is touched by the sea on three sides. The ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology, is one of Greece’s most photographed monuments.

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Are you ready to book an Ancient Olympia tour but still have some questions? Well, we’ve gathered the most common FAQs about visiting Ancient Olympia and have provided you with all the essential guidelines. This information will make it easier for you to choose from the best Olympia tours and activities, manage your time wisely and save on unnecessary expenses. Before you travel, we encourage you to review this helpful information on all you need to know before visiting Ancient Olympia.

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The Peloponnese attracts thousands of visitors every year for its diverse landscape, its picturesque villages and wonderful beaches. Its coastlines are dotted with seaside villages, endless shores and sparkling waters. The Olympia region, known as the Cote d’Azur of the Peloponnese, is very popular among cruisers due to its sandy coastline and tourist facilities. The region also offers beautiful coves which attract many visitors. Each beach in the peninsula has its own special character and beauty. Inviting you to get to know them all is our insider’s guide to the best beach tours in the Peloponnese.


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Do you dream of escaping into a paradise of unspoiled beaches and dazzling warm blue waters? Then, your ultimate Olympia and summer beach escape awaits to quench your every desire! Crystalline waters may be found not only on the Greek Islands but also on the Mainland, all along the dreamy coastline of the Olympia region. After your brush with Olympia’s fascinating past, let your private tour travel you through the pine and olive groves, down to the stunning beaches of the Western Peloponnese.

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The region of Olympia, in the Peloponnese, is blessed with an archaeological site that takes your breath away, a museum that hosts the finest sculptures of antiquity and the most beautiful beaches in Greece, so deciding what to do in Olympia can be quite overwhelming. Our best Olympia tours and Katakolon shore excursions cover a wide range of activities, from historical sightseeing to kid friendly beach experiences. Choose one of our 10 Best Olympia Tours & Activities and make your visit to one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Greece as pleasant and memorable as possible.


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Now you can visit Athens and Olympia when on a cruise shore excursion in Greece and save precious time and money with our Premium Offer! Book our Skip-the-Line Joined Tours Package and forget waiting in line at the archaeological site in Ancient Olympia and the Acropolis. Join our Skip-the-Line Joined Tours Package: Athens & Olympia, walk past the long queues of people and save 10% on your Olympia tour!